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Build Stuff Near Train Stations

Matthew Yglesias  | Stamford, Conn. is home to a commuter rail station heading in to New York City. Currently, land near the station is largely allocated to be used as parking lots or parking garages. But the Connecticut Department... Continue Reading →

Los Angeles and the Case for Transit Oriented Development: Building and Funding TOD

Joel Epstein  | In an ideal world, Metro would go out and buy all the land it needs to build lines along the routes where urban density is the greatest. But L.A. long ago ceased to be a city... Continue Reading →


The Growing Popularity of Bus Rapid Transit

Mark Byrnes  | In an era where financial resources are sparse, public transportation projects are difficult to put together. Though less popular than subway and light rail, bus rapid transit lines can be a successful and much cheaper alternative.... Continue Reading →

Revenge of the (Urban) Nerds

| Kevin Lynch was an urban planner and MIT professor who wrote the landmark book, Image of the City, which was published in 1960. The book influenced a generation of urban planners, urban designers and other design professionals. Lynch... Continue Reading →

Transit-Oriented Development – Avenir Parcel 1A, Boston, MA

Air rights lease for mixed-use commercial, residential and retail development Project Description: 10-Floor mixed-use, transit oriented development that includes retail, a 121 space parking garage and 241 residential units, including 17 affordable units. TRA's Role: •Identified the development opportunity •Generated... Continue Reading →

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