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Transit Oriented Development is the key to better cities

Lloyd Alter | Urban Design For years, city builders have called for Transit Adjacent development, piling density on top of subway stations and at transit nodes. Now the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy has introduced a far more sophisticated concept... Continue Reading →

Orlando Health to redo site near SunRail station

Anjali Fluker | Orlando Business Journal The region is gearing up for the start of SunRail commuter rail service this week— and Orlando Health has plans in the works for a small retail strip just across the street from the Orlando... Continue Reading →

How Daylighting the Saw Mill River Helped Yonkers Become a Mixed-Use, Multimodal Hub

Madeline Marvar | Mobilizing the Region Downtown Yonkers has undergone a dramatic change in the last decade thanks largely to the inspiring success story of the Saw Mill River Daylighting campaign, a project which was presented last week at GreenHomeNYC’s April... Continue Reading →

The nuts and bolts of CTFastrak

Scott Whipple | New Britain Herald NEW BRITAIN — More than 150 people got the opportunity Wednesday night to learn everything they’ve always wanted to know about CTFastrak but were not afraid to ask.Connecticut’s bus rapid transit system is scheduled to begin operations in March... Continue Reading →

How parking data drives urban planning

Patrick Marshall | GCN The relationship between population density, parking spaces and public transit availability is a critical one for planners, developers and, yes, apartment hunters. Thanks to a $1.2 million grant from the Federal Highway Administration, residents and city... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse Into 2050 And The Invasion Of 2.5 Million More Utahns

Eric S. Peterson | City Weekly Imagine your life as it exists now. Waking up, walking the pooch in the morning, commuting to work, slugging through the day and coming home after stopping by the store on your way back.... Continue Reading →

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