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It’s Not Always a Bad Thing for Rents to Rise With Transit Growth

Yonah Freemark | CityLab Residents of Somerville, Massachusetts, are beginning to fear that the Green Line extension may also produce gentrification and displacement. Locals do have reason to worry, as Cities reported earlier this week, but there's also reason to be optimistic about the... Continue Reading →

California: Affordable housing at issue in cap-and-trade talks

Matthew Artz | Oakland Tribune OAKLAND -- With billions of dollars forecast to flow into state coffers under a landmark clean air act, there is a battle underway over how to allocate the money. State Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg,... Continue Reading →

Long Beach’s on a new track of development

Long Beach has only two transit-oriented developments – if you ask the state. But ask the city, developers and transit advocates and a different story emerges: Transit-oriented development in Long Beach is on the rise, despite a stricter state definition,... Continue Reading →

Panel looks to map future of public transit in Pittsburgh

Jon Schmitz | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The Port Authority is hosting an assemblage of experts from across the nation this week who will help develop a proposed blueprint for the future of public transit service here. A panel commissioned by the Washington,... Continue Reading →

Is the MBTA Rooting Itself Into the Rooftop Gardening Business?

Steve Annear | Boston Daily Boston’s own rooftop farm, Higher Ground Farm, has proved to be a success, considering they recently expanded their space far above the city’s streets to accommodate local businesses’ growing needs for fresh produce. But they better... Continue Reading →

What will Downtown Atlanta look like in a decade?

Max Blau | CL Atlanta Downtown is currently undergoing a series of massive changes. There are a wide variety of high-profile projects being built including a new stadium, museums, streetcar, academic buildings, and residential units. Those kinds of developments could have... Continue Reading →

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